Course design

COBL offers workshops on a regular basis but please feel welcome to contact us for on-demand. We also tailor new workshops to suit specific needs whether it is for larger or smaller groups. Contact COBL at and tell us shortly about wishes and needs. Together we will develop the content and find an appropriate date.


ABC Learning Design

DecorativeWork together in course teams, or semester groups to create a visual ‘storyboard’ outlining the type and sequence of learning activities (both online and offline) and create a well-structured student journey at your course or the whole semester.


Absalon for Course Leaders

DecorativeIn this workshop we will introduce you to best structure your course to support the curriculum and how to create activating learning activities that will motivate students to be active before and after classroom teaching.


Teaching Large Classrooms

DecorativeTeaching a large class poses many challenges, both when it comes to structuring learning activities in Absalon and in your lectures? Our main goal at the workshop is to provide you with ideas and inspiration on how you can activate, engage and reach out to your students, before, during and after class.