ABC Learning Design

Work together in course teams, or semester groups to create a visual ‘storyboard’ outlining the type and sequence of learning activities (both online and offline) and create a well-structured student journey at your course or the whole semester.

The concept is structured, streamlined approach to learning design. It is a team-based approach, a hands-on workshop where you in 120-180 minutes (depending on the frame) work together as teaching teams, including students. During the workshop minutes you create a visual ‘storyboard’.

The concept is particularly useful for new courses or for those changing to an online or more blended format.

The concept is also effective when planning entire programs across semesters.

ABC Learning Design is developed by Natasa Perocic and Clive Young, from the educational development team at University College London, UCL, back in 2013. The development was kickstarted by a need to meet the university’s aspirational strategy to develop “future-looking, digitally rich, flexible courses attuned to students’ expectations for engaging, professionally related learning experiences.” A strategy to which the question “How can we engage and enable our time-pressured academics to design rich blended course journeys?” arose.

The respond “materialized” as the ABC Learning Design concept.


120-180 minutes.


This workshop is conducted in Danish unless English is preferred.

Time and date:

The ABC Learning Design workshop is always a special tailored course for your course team or group of course teams.