Remote- and HyFlex teaching

Remote teaching is teaching outside the physical room, where students and teachers meet up in the virtual room for online lectures, discussions etc. Remote teaching include planned online sessions together as well as other teaching formats. Our emergency lock-down teaching is an example of remote teaching. 

Get inspiration on how to create a good learning environment for remote teaching, by Professor, mso, Nicole Schmitt.

Remote teaching formats

Online webinars refer to teaching sessions that take place online in real time via Zoom or Teams. You can also add activities outside the webinars, such as assignments, feedback and other activities, which students then do in their own time.

refers to a real-time transmission of an event, which participants can see and hear via a link or via Absalon. If a lecture is live-streamed, students at home can follow the lecture but cannot interact with people in the room or ask questions. All SUND auditoriums and classrooms contain streaming equipment. Contact SUND AV if you want to live-stream your teaching.


Pre-recording a lecture, video or PowerPoint with speak, allows the students to see this in their own time. Ask students to watch your pre-recording before your teaching session/webinar, to prepare students and free up time for interactions during the teaching session itself. Alternatively, you can upload a recorded or pre-recorded lecture (e.g. if you have a recording from the previous lock-down or save a live-streaming session) after your teaching session, so that students can revisit your points of wisdom. Contact SUND AV if you want to live-stream or Centre for Online and Blended Learning for advice on saving the live-streaming in your Absalon course room.

HyFlex teaching

Hyflex is a Hybrid Flexible teaching set-up, where some students are present in the room whilst others participate online, usually via Zoom. All students can see, hear and ask questions.

Planning your HyFlex teaching

Successful HyFlex requires good planning and use of equipment so that all students can be included in the teaching, regardless of whether they are online or present in the room.


Setting up HyFlex

Hyflex requires that online students can see and hear what is going on in the room, and that students in the room can hear (and possibly see) the online students when they ask questions or participate in discussions. All SUND Auditoriums and Classrooms have camera, microphone and speakers installed, but the type, brand and setup vary. 


After your HyFlex teaching

Your Zoom meeting is not automatically recorded. If you want to record the meeting, save it and perhaps share it with the students in Absalon, click on the guides below to learn how to do this.



Contact SUND AV by mail or telephone 35 32 70 10

If you need didactical assistance on how to create a good HyFlex lecture, please contact