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A B S A L O N 

Absalon is the online course platform at the University of Copenhagen

Absalon is the online course platform at the University of Copenhagen. Each time a course runs, an online course room is set up in Absalon and the relevant teachers and students are automatically enrolled. As a teacher you can use the course room to share learning materials with your students and communicate with them. You can also use more advanced features like quizzes, assignments, plagiarism control, peer feedback and more.

Staff and students can access Absalon through KUnet.

Principles for use of Absalon

The principles for use of Absalon are the focal point for UCPH's use and application of Absalon and, in addition to a number of didactic and pedagogical principles, they contain legal and technical guidelines.

You can find the principles for use of Absalon here.

And read more about how UCPH is focusing on strengthening Absalon course rooms at the university (internal link).

Checklist for use of A​bsalon

The checklist for use of Absalon guides you on the content that needs to be included in your course room and on how you can structure and build up the course room so it makes sense to both you and your students.

With the checklist in hand, you as the lecturer can run through your course room and make sure that you have a well-structured and user-friendly course room.

You can find the checklist for use of Absalon here.

External link for checklist

Need help or inspiration?

All staff members at the Faculty of Medical Health and Sciences are welcome to contact us for help and inspiration.

We can help you present your course materials in a good structure that supports the on-campus teaching. We can also help you develop online learning activities such as videos, quizzes, and recorded slide presentations.


Mail: / phone: 35 33 10 00

If your question is regarding student and teacher access, please contact Section for Study Service.