Workshops on-demand

COBL offers workshops on a regular basis but please feel welcome to contact us for on-demand. We also tailor new workshops to suit specific needs whether it is for larger or smaller groups. Contact COBL at and tell us shortly about wishes and needs. Together we will develop the content and find an appropriate date.


DecorativeAbsalon - the Basics

We will introduce you to the key features in Absalon and show you best practices on how to create, organize and name files and activities.

DecorativeAbsalon - Advanced

In this workshop we will introduce you to best structure your course to support the curriculum and how to create activating learning activities that will motivate students.

DecorativeAbsalon Quiz Creation

See how you can motivate and focus your students’ learning with quizzes and be able to use quizzes for different purposes during your course.

DecorativeWebinar: Absalon Quiz Creation

Learn how to create quizzes in Absalon's quiz function and how to use quizzes to provide your students with useful automated feedback

DecorativeAbsalon Peer Feedback

Learn how to use and how students can deepen their learning through the new Peer Feedback program, Peergrade in Absalon

DecorativeEngage your Students with Classroom Voting

Activate your students, increase their learning opportunities and get instant feedback on your teaching.

Decorative Pencast Lectures

In this workshop you will learn how to use pencasting methods to explain formulas, highlighting important points, draw concepts and more.

Decorative Screencast Lectures

Screencast is a visual tool for communication in teaching produced as a digital recording of a computer screen output that the students can benefit from being able to revisit several times during the semester.

Decorative Video Production

In this intensive hands-on workshop you will learn how to film and edit your own videos!