25 October 2023

Explore AI's Potential for Teaching at SUND

Artificial Intelligence

There is a growing interest in AI within the educational sector. Not only are academic boards curious about this tool, but there's also a certain scepticism concerning its role in exams.

Education with AI

Teachers are keen to spice up their lessons with new quizzes created through ChatGPT and understand how AI can serve as a learning aid for students. Administrative staff are equally eager to comprehend how AI chatbots like ChatGPT can assist in their work tasks.

To address this rising interest, COBL is hosting an AI workshop specifically for teachers at SUND. Here, you'll have the opportunity to explore AI chatbots as a means to enhance student learning and as a helpful addition to your teaching. Through a mix of presentations and hands-on exercises, you'll gain insight into how AI chatbots can be integrated into your teaching methods.

Sign up for the next workshop and delve into the numerous opportunities and challenges that this technology brings. 

View the programme and register here.