Foundations Of Health Data Science



An Introduction for SUND Researchers and Educators

We invite professors, postdocs, support and technical staff at SUND to join our one-day workshop on Health Data Science.

What is Health Data Science? How is it relevant for you in your research? What about for your students and the courses you teach?

This workshop serves as an entry point into this fascinating field, empowering you with the essential knowledge and conceptual understanding you need to tackle the world of Data Science.

About the workshop:
Getting familiar with Data Science can feel like a confusing and overwhelming task for those without computational background. This poses a barrier especially to more technical Data Science courses since there is a dual challenge of learning about concepts of data science and how to do programming at the same time.

This workshop serves as an entry point to demystifying this fascinating field and empowering you with the essential knowledge and conceptual understanding you need in order to tackle the world of Data Science.

In short theory sessions we will introduce the key concepts of data science, clarify roles and terminology surrounding working with data and illuminate the data’s journey from collection to insight. No experience with data science or programming is required.

You will work in groups to investigate cases related to the material and discuss what you learned.

Who is the workshop for: 
KU researchers (professors, postdocs) and technical & support staff. The workshop is primarily for those who know little about data science but are curious about this developing field and looking to integrate computational aspects into their own research and/or teaching. Although the workshop is not aimed at PhD students, they are welcome if interested.

Participation in this workshop is approved as activity in connection with didactic/pedagogical competence development of experienced teachers.

The workshop is developed by the SUND DataLab which is a part of the Center for Health Data Science (HeaDS) and is organized in collaboration with SUND’s Digital Core Curriculum working group.

Duration: 08:15 – 15:30 with 1 hour lunch break (6.25 hours).

This workshop will run 29th of November and 16th of January.

Cost of registration:
Free for teachers at UCPH. However, we implement a no-show fee charge. See details on the sign-up page.

Number of participants:
maximum 26, minimum 6

Questions: Contact the organiser:

Sign up at the Center for Health Data Science (HeaDS) eventpage before 14 November: