How to push information to your students from Absalon

You have two ways of communicating with the students. Your choice depends on your needs:

Both options offer the opportunity to attach files and both options send an e-mail to the recipients. However, there are differences, which are described below for each option.

Option 1 - E-mail

Choose this option if you want to target your message a segment of your students, teachers, sections (rul) or groups. This option is highly flexible in terms of recipients. You also get the advantage of a push notification on the student's My UCPH app. For this reason, we recommend this option for vital information (e.g. cancellations).

How to send an e-mail:

  1. Click on 'Inbox' in the global menu to the left (red circle below):
    Screenshot of global menu
  2. Click on 'Compose a new message' in the top left menu:
    Screenshot of inbox
  3. Choose the relevant course (red circle below)
  4. Choose the recipients in the 'To'-field by clicking the small contacts icon to the right (blue circle below):
    Screenshot of new mail window
    • 'All in [course name]' for selecting all persons enrolled in the course room (students and teachers)
    • 'Teachers'/'Teacher assistants' for selecting all or individual teachers.
    • 'Students' for selecting all students ('All in students', red arrow below), one student or several students (blue arrow below). Hold Ctrl/Cmd key to select more the one (same functionality for selecting one or more applies to all options):
      Screenshot of to-field
    • 'Course section' for selecting all sections or individual sections (rul). 
    • 'Student groups' for selecting individual groups
    • 'Teachers' for selecting individual teachers
  5. Click 'Send'

Option 2 - Announcement

Choose this option if you want to target all the people enrolled in the course (teachers and students). You do have the possibility of targeting sections (rul) from STADS, but not manually created groups via the groupset function.

In addition, announcements:

  • can be formatted like a web page (e.g. including other materials like pictures, tables, videos, etc.)
  • are posted in the Announcement menu in the course menu (see screenshot below)
  • can be linked to from e.g. a Page
  • can be delayed when sending out
  • can be commented on if allowed

How to send an announcement

  1. Click on 'Announcements' in the course menu to the left (red circle below):
    Screenshot of course menu
  2. Click on the red '+Announcement' button in the left menubar:
    Screenshot of add announcement
  3. Select recipients in the 'Post to' box (red circle below).
  4. Ad an attachment and adjust the settings to your needs (blue circle below).
  5. Click 'Save' to send the announcement (green circle below)
    Screen shot of announcement options

Remember that announcements listed in the course can derive from other teachers or the administration. Thus, it is not your personal correspondence with the students, so please do not delete any announcements from the course.