30 June 2023

Summer School for Teachers at SUND unfolds the programme details


Centre for Online and Blended Learning is excited to announce the complete schedule for the 2023 Summer School for Teachers at SUND. The event, which will run from August 15 to 18, will take place at the Holst Auditorium in the Mærsk Tower and virtually via Zoom.

participant in summer school

The Summer School's lineup is packed with discussions and hands-on experiences. Beginning on August 15, attendees will delve into the student perspective, understanding their differences, engagement strategies, and handling teaching dilemmas. The session will conclude with hot topic discussions over lunch at the Faculty Club.

Day two will revolve around the theme "The right choice? Different media formats for blended teaching," which will include presentations on using podcasts, videos, and graphics in teaching. Teachers will also get a chance to design a small course on sustainability using a mix of the presented media formats.

On thursday, participants will explore the possibilities for asynchronous learning activities in Absalon, an online learning platform. The day will feature sessions on the successful activation of discussions, using the language model ChatGPT for quizzes with feedback, and using Absalon as an escape room.

The final day, August 18, will focus on the theme "Make AI your friend, not your enemy." Attendees will gain insights into AI language models and how they can be integrated into teaching, and explore the concept of AI as a personalized tutor for students.