Summer School for Teachers 2022

COBL sommerskole

The summer school aims to create an inspiring and educational space where SUND's teachers can draw inspiration from collegial sparring and learn new things about IT didactic methods and tools. The insight into colleagues' teaching practice, blended study activities and hands-on experience with learning tools hopefully means that the path from newly acquired knowledge and skills to implementation in own teaching practice will be short. 


The summer school will provide: 

  • Knowledge and understanding of the didactic use of selected learning tools. 
  • Use of different learning tools and blended study activities to increase the activity and  learning of the learners 
  • Opportunity to analyze own and colleagues' teaching practices. 
  • Insight into analyzing and involving students' perspectives in order to focus on the target group when teaching is planned and designed.


The summer school will be held on 15-18. august 2022 (week 33) and will be held in hybrid format, allowing teachers to participate either in person or online.  It will be possible to enroll in  the entire summer school or individual modules/days and thus put together the most relevant program for the development of own practice.  We therefore strive for a format with as much as possible and sharing of best practice examples from co-teachers at SUND and hands-on training based on our own practice. 

The summer school is held in English, unless everyone speaks and understands Danish. 


Click here for registration.

Closing date for registration for on-site participation is 8th August 2022.  

Registration for online participation will remain open after this date. 


Free for teachers at SUND. (No-show fee for on-site participants)


Physical venue: Maersk Tårnet KU SUND (Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium) 

Online venue: Zoom link to follow

More information 

Questions regarding the summer school can be directed to:  


The summer school is built up by four modules, each of which constitutes a day focusing on a specific theme.  

15th August:

Module 1. Keep developing your presentation skills – and those of your students 

9:00 - Welcome to the Summer School.  

SUND’s dean Bente Stallknecht visits the Summer School to share her thoughts and ambitions for teaching and academic development. 

Appetizer Prof. Nicole Schmitt (BMI and COBL) will introduce examples of teaching situations where student presentations add valuable variation. Further, you get tips how to onboard students, how to create a safe learning environment and how to introduce a sound feedback culture to your teaching. 

9:45 - Break

10:00 - Hands-on parallel sessions (pick one of the following)

Session A: (Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium) Improve your oral communication capacity and learn how to give useful feedback on presentation performances. (Stage director Bent Nørgaard, online facilitator: Anastasia Piterou, COBL)

Session B: (13.1.63 / 13.1.83) Want to get to know some of the new features in PowerPoint 365 that work for educators? We will focus on the technical aspects and the underlying considerations. There will be room to experiment yourself. (Graphic designer Gert K Nielsen, COBL; online facilitator: Simon Thamdrup Jensen, COBL)

12:00–13:00 - Lunch with hot topic discussions (7.15.149) 

16th August:

Module 2. Use activating blended learning formats

9:00 Appetizers

Introduction: Visions on using blended learning activities in your teaching practice at SUND. (Prof. Nicole Schmitt, BMI and COBL). 

Appetizer 1 shows how you can use previous exam questions to make quiz activities during a course (Assoc. Prof. Olga Sosnovtseva, BMI) 

Appetizer 2 provides you with examples of blending different learning activities in Absalon (Prof. Bente Gammelgaard, IF) 

9:45 Break

10:00 Hands-on parallel sessions (pick one of the following)

Session A: (Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium) Seven advanced options in Absalon – things you didn’t know you could do in Absalon. (E-learning consultant Ulla Blomhøj, COBL and E-learning consultant Simon Thamdrup Jensen, COBL)

Session B: (13.1.63 / 13.1.83) How, why and when to use quizzes as a learning activity. (Learning designer Helle Lottrup Halkjær Rhode, COBL and Academic officer Anastasia Piterou, COBL)

12:00-13:00 Lunch with hot topic discussions (7.15.149) 

17th August:

Module 3. Use video and podcast to support learning

9:00-9:15 Perspectives on teaching at SUND (Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium)

SUND’s new Vice-Dean for Education Jørgen Kurtzhals visits the Summer School to share his thoughts and visions for teaching at SUND. 

9:15 Introduction:

Short overview on using digital content to support learning and which opportunities teachers have at SUND to produce and use different media contents in their courses. (Instructional designer Anne Kirkegaard, COBL) 

Appetizer 1 is a podcast from the clinic, including advice on how this media format could support learning and what it takes to produce it. (Editing Technician Christian Grimes Schmidt, COBL) 

Appetizer 2 is a pencast, developed as part of a kickstart course for new students at Pharma. The purpose is for students to familiarize themselves with the basic methodology for their studies. (Stud. pharma Christina Sejling, ILF) 

10:00 Break

10:15 Hands-on parallel sessions (pick one of the following)

Session A: (Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium) How to use a screencast, livestream recording or zoom recording in your teaching practice. The focus is on how to record a screencast, do simple editing of an existing recording, and implement a media file into your course in Absalon.  (Editing Technician Christian Grimes Schmidt, COBL and E-learning consultant Ulla Blomhøj, COBL) 

Session B: (13.1.63 / 13.1.83) Hands-on filming and editing based on a script. In this workshop you will experience how helpful a simple manuscript can be while filming and editing an instructional video with colleagues. You will be working in groups with ipads and manuscripts delivered by COBL. (Video producer Jonas Nilaus Vilhelmsen, COBL and E-learning consultant Simon Thamdrup Jensen, COBL) 

12:15-13:00 Lunch with hot topic discussions (7.15.149) 

18th August:

Module 4. Promote student centered learning and teaching

9:00 Appetizers

Introduction: Why and how to promote Student Centered Learning at KU? (Team leader Peder Hjort-Madsen, TEACH) 

Appetizer 1 illustrates how to stimulate student centered learning through assignments and peer feedback (Prof. Lisbeth Høier Olsen, IVH) 

Appetizer 2 provides thoughts, ideas and challenges in stimulating reflection and independent learning (Assoc. prof. Rasmus Prætorius Clausen, Acting Head of ILF) 

9:45 Break

10:00 Hands-on parallel sessions (pick one of the following)

Session A: (Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium) Digital tools to promote differentiated teaching. (E-learning consultant Simon Thamdrup Jensen, COBL and Instructional designer Anastasia Piterou, COBL) 

Session B: (13.1.63 / 13.1.83) Tips and tricks to stimulate students’ reflection and independent learning. (Learning designer Helle Lottrup Halkjær Rhode, COBL and E-learning consultant Ulla Blomhøj, COBL) 

12:00-13:00 Lunch with hot topic discussions (7.15.149) 

Sign-up before 8th of August: